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Kicking Glass and Others Off Your Network reports that Julian Oliver Berlin-based artist and coder recently released, a simple and free piece of software designed to detect Google Glass and boot it from any local Wi-Fi network. The design was so popular that he has designed Cyborg Unplug, a small device that plugs into a wall (pictured above) that […]

Less than Half of Feds Say Security Is Key Part of Their Mobile Strategy

An article in Nextgov provides concerning information about the federal government and the security of its information. According to the article, about 63 percent of government IT managers believe there is a high likelihood federal employees move information to Internet locations such as Dropbox without the knowledge or consent of their agency employer, […]

NYLI ProQuest Congressional Webinar

October 15 @ 1:30 pm – 2:00 pm

Optimize your federal legislative history research with ProQuest Congressional

The Library of the New York Law Institute offers web-based training sessions to help you discover new resources and enhance your research with Proquest Congressional , the premier electronic service for access to the activities and publications of the […]

Microsoft Windows XP is the Zombie Operating System that Will Not Die

Windows XP was formally placed out of service by Microsoft about half a year ago, which means Microsoft no longer provides technical support for the product. However, a recent survey by NetMarketWatch shows that Windows XP still outnumbers the newer and supported systems, Windows 8 and 8.1 together. Windows 7, however, is the leader […]

Hundreds of Devices Hidden Inside New York City Phone Booths – but will be removed

On Monday, in an exclusive article, Buzzfeed recently reported on a plethora of devices located inside New York City phone booths. In these days of cell phones, phone booths often serve as a relic of the past. The report said that beacons have been installed in the booths, with the City’s (but not citizens’) […]

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Please update your NYLI Electronic Resources Bookmarks!

If you access any of our electronic resources via a bookmark rather than going to our NYLI website you will want to update your bookmarks. We have successfully migrated to OCLC’s hosted EZProxy service for authenticating members as they access our databases remotely. We made this move in order to better ensure reliable […]

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The FCC Hasn’t Decided How It Will Enforce Net Neutrality

TechCrunch recently reported that the Federal Communications Commission is examining ways to enforce new net neutrality rules. Citing a document on the FCC’s blog, the article reports that many companies and individuals, including AOL, Mozilla, Tim Wu, and many libraries and librarians, have made suggestions. The FCC received 3.7 million responses to the […]

What is Digital Literacy?

Wired recently published an article about digital literacy. In an interview with Ari Geshner, a senior software engineer at Palantir, a high-profile data analysis startup whose customers include U.S. intelligence and defense agencies, the question of what is digital literacy comes up. “Digital literacy is about learning to use the most powerful tools […]

Comparing Facebook and Twitter for News Using the Ferguson Story

The recent shooting death of Michael Brown by police in Ferguson, Missouri and its aftermath generated a lot of news stories and commentary. Buzzfeed looked at how different social media reflected the story. The article reports that, in its unscientific observation, Twitter was dominated by the story. Meanwhile, the article contends, Facebook was […]