Monthly Archives: August 2014

Google’s Algorithms are Not the Same in All Countries

Search Engine Roundtable recently published an article examining whether Google’s algorithms work the same in all countries. While the quick answer is no, the truth is more complicated. Some of Google’s algorithms are rolled out globally at the same time so for a brief time, the answer could be yes. However, other […]

What will the Internet look like in 100 years?

BGR recently published an interesting infographic containing speculation about what the Internet will look like in the future. Some of the more interesting ideas are that the Internet will be replaced by something else and that everyone on the planet will be networked. Other ideas include Google’s Project Loon (bringing the Internet to remote […]

Considering an eBooks Rollout?

The New York Law Institute’s eBook collection is a robust, interdisciplinary collection of over 70,000 electronic books available at no cost to our members. If you are a member and are interested in demonstrating this rich collection to your colleagues, NYLI recently created a webpage guide to assist you. The guide includes recommended […]

Should Tech Companies Be Regulated Like Utilities?

TechCrunch recently reported that Germany is considering regulating large technology companies such as Google like utilities. Germany’s Federal Cartel Office (Bundeskartellamt) has prepared a 30-page proposal with suggestions of how to cope with the growing power of Google, along with other tech giants. One of the proposals is treating Google as a utility, which […]

Theodore Roosevelt to Get a Primarily Digital Presidential Library

The New York Daily News recently posted a story about a new digital library that is dedicated to Theodore Roosevelt, the New York-born 26th President of the United States. A devoted group of scholars and Roosevelt admirers has been scanning his papers and artifacts for years and is finalizing a design for a library […]

New ClaimStat Tool Tracks Legal Claims Against NYC

The New York City Comptroller’s Office recently unveiled a new tool, ClaimStat, which will publish online data on the thousands of legal claims made against the city every year. The tool is designed to help city agencies identify common problems within its overview and save money for taxpayers who ultimately foot the bill for […]