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NYLI will close at 3PM Friday August 29 and be closed Monday September 1 for Labor Day

The New York Law Institute close at 3PM Friday August 29 and will be closed Monday, September 1 for Labor Day. We will reopen Tuesday, September 2 at 8:30 am.

Have a great holiday.

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QR Codes on Gravestones

The Verge recently reported on a growing trend of placing QR codes on gravestones. The codes can be read by smart devices and link to videos and other memorials of the departed. The Anchorage city council recently voted to allow the codes. A similar debate is currently underway for Arlington National Cemetery. […]

New NYLI eBooks Video

Have you taken full advantage of our eBook collection? We’ve created a brand new eBooks video walking you through every step of how to borrow our eBooks! Among the things you will learn in this video:

• The 4 ways you can access our eBooks collection
• How to search the full-text of our 75,000 ebooks
• How […]

Drones in NYC

The Economic Times recently wrote about the use of drones in New York City. Drones have become increasingly popular in the city and this has caused problems. Among them, a drone flying in Upper Manhattan came within 800 feet of a New York Police Department helicopter near the George Washington Bridge. Also, the […]

Project Finance Books in our Ebook Collection

Our eBook collection of over 70,000 titles allows the New York Law Institute to meet the needs of its patrons for interdisciplinary books on topics that are not typically available in a law library. This post highlights some recently checked-out eBooks dealing with the subject of project finance.

Introduction to Project Finance

The term “project […]

Can you resell Google Glass?

The website Pocketnow recently posted an interesting article about Google Glass and the problems of resale. When Google first started selling Glass, potential buyers had to make their case for why they should be allowed into the Glass Explorer program. Then they had to pay $1500. Google’s terms of use for Glass stated that […]

What Happens When Facebook Goes Down?

As you may recall, on August 1, 2014, Facebook went down for about one hour. The analytics company Chartbeat used the outage as an opportunity to study what the web would look like without Facebook. Overall, there was a three percent drop in usage, but mobile use saw an 8.5 percent drop. […]

Legal Ethics: A Beginner’s Guide

The Law Library of Congress recently posted Legal Ethics: A Beginner’s Guide. The guide is designed for both laymen and attorneys as a research pathway in the field of legal ethics. The guide includes a long list of general and specialized treatises as well as restatements, rules of conduct, and websites for further […]

NASA Building Its Own eBook Empire

NASA is the U.S. government agency responsible for space exploration and designing new technologies to achieve it. NASA is not known for digital publishing, but a recent article on the website Good Ereader highlights that the agency is quietly building an eBook empire. NASA eBooks started in the last decade. The eBooks […]

Building Inspector: Mapping Old New York

The New York Public Library recently started something called Building Inspector, an interactive map application to chronicle the changes New York City has seen over time. For years The New York Public Library has collected maps documenting the ever-changing city. The new Building Inspector app allows users (“citizen cartographers”) to extract, correct and […]