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How to Find a Person by Email Address

The website Digital Inspiration by Amit Agarwal often has great technology tips. Recently it published a guide on finding out who someone is from the email address. The article points out there are several ways to go about finding out who someone is just from their email address. First, Google can help if the […]

The Problems with Data Personalization

The Atlantic recently posted an article about data personalization and its growth and increasing “creepiness.” Popular websites like Facebook and Google use data personalization to target ads to their users, but the article shows that people tend to question the results or find it creepy. Increasingly, people are concerned about, for instance, what Facebook […]

Robotics Books in Our Ebook Collection

The New York Law Institute’s ebook collection of over 70,000 books includes many titles and subject matters that are not typical of a law library such as engineering. Here, we highlight several recently checked-out ebooks dealing with the growing issue of robotics.



This reference is designed to present the fundamental principles of robotics with a […]

Google might try to stretch a telecom cable across the Pacific

According a recent report Google is considering investing millions of dollars in fiber optic cable across the Pacific Ocean to give it control over bandwidth running between its data centers in Oregon and the fast-growing markets of Asia. The cost and bandwidth of the cable would, most likely, be shared with others. While some […]

Cell Phone Service in the New York Subway is Not Good

Buzzfeed recently posted the results of a study about cell phone service in the New York subway service. Those of us who regularly use the subway know it to be a dead zone for service. The article points out that Transit Wireless announced that cell and Wi-Fi service would be available at all 277 […]

Is There a Lack of Political Voices on Twitter?

A recent study by social scientists at Cornell found that there is little creative thinking in tweets of politically active users.  The study of 290,119,348 tweets from 193,522 “politically engaged” Twitter users during the 2012 presidential campaign conventions and debates found most users simply retweeting “elites” like @billmaher for liberals and @seanhannity for conservatives. […]

NYLI will close today at 3PM and be closed Friday, July 4

The New York Law Institute will close today at 3PM and will be closed Friday, July 4 for the Independence Day holiday. We will reopen Monday, July 7 at 8:30 am.

Have a great holiday weekend.

NYLI Website Video Press Release with Adobe Voice

We’ve created a brief (1:13) video press release for our new NYLI website. Please check it out for a quick wrap-up of the new features and functionality!

Facebook’s Paper is Not the Success It was Looking For

Buzzfeed reports that Paper, the mobile reading app launched in February by Facebook, has been steadily losing users. The app has 119,000 monthly active users according to ComScore, a web metrics company, or roughly 0.001% of Facebook’s monthly user base.  (Facebook disputes the accuracy of these figures.)  The article questions whether large technology companies […]

The New York Law Institute Announces New Website

(New York, NY – July 1, 2014) The New York Law Institute, (NYLI), a membership law library is pleased to announce their new website at The newly designed Web presence is a reflection of member feedback and usability testing conducted throughout the redesign process. Newly added features include a responsive design well-suited for […]