We have added 16 new Matthew Bender eBook titles to our Lexis Digital Library collection.  These new additions complement our other offerings in this collection which now number 374 titles – 76 Matthew Bender titles, 4 NITA titles, and 294 ABA titles.  Our new eBooks include:

  • Banking Law Manual Second Edition: Federal Regulation of Financial Holding Companies, Banks and Thrifts
  • Constitutional Litigation Under Section 1983 Third Edition (2013)
  • Employment in Oregon: Guide to Employment Laws, Regulations and Practices, Third Edition
  • International Commercial Arbitration Advocacy: A Practitioner’s Guide for American Lawyers
  • International Commercial Arbitration Practice: 21st Century Perspectives
  • LexisNexis M&A Practice Guide, 2015 Edition
  • Misrepresentation in the Life, Health, and Disability Insurance Application Process: A National Survey, Second Edition
  • Money Laundering, Asset Forfeiture and Recovery and Compliance – A Global Guide
  • New York Confessions
  • New York Identification Law
  • New York Search & Seizure
  • Oregon Evidence Code Handbook
  • Oregon Evidence, Sixth Edition
  • Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure Annotated
  • Preparing for Trial in Federal Court
  • The Law of Electronic Funds Transfers

See the complete title list here.