The New York Law Institute is pleased to offer a new eBooks collection with over 64,000 eBooks available to members!  

This new service, powered by the Ebook Library, is currently free for all NYLI members, who may now download eBooks to their devices anytime, anywhere.  There are no waiting lines for our eBooks as multiple readers can check out the same title at the same time.  eBooks may be downloaded to members’ computers and a variety of devices and used immediately.  They will automatically expire at the end of the loan period.  Subject coverage includes legal, financial, business, economics, and more.  We think this will meet the ancillary needs of today’s sophisticated multi-disciplinary researcher.

Our new collection of eBooks has been cataloged within our OPAC and can be located by simply searching the NYLI catalog.  The Advanced Search may also be used to limit to eBook Media Type.  And as another option, you can access our NYLI EBL Portal page here.

Check out our All About eBooks at NYLI video!

Search eBooks

You can also access our eBooks from the NYLI EBL page!

Instructions for Downloading eBooks

Downloading eBooks to Computers or Laptops
Downloading to eBooks iPhones, iPads, Android, or Kindle Fire Devices
Downloading eBooks to Nooks
Downloading eBooks to other devices

Sending eBooks to Others

You may want to send an eBook recommendation to an attorney or colleague at your firm.  In order to do this, follow the instructions below for linking to eBooks.  Additionally we suggest that you send along the firm-wide username and password which has been supplied to you, rather than your individual login credentials.  If you foresee that the attorney/colleague will be a regular eBook reader, you may also contact us and we will set up an individual login for them.

Linking to eBooks

There are two easy ways to send links to eBook records to others:
  1. Search NYLI Library collection for the eBook you want to link to and click the title.
  2. On the next page, highlight and copy the URL from your web browser's address bar  and paste it into an email along with the firm-wide login information, or click on the orange email icon and paste in the firm-wide login information into the subject.

- OR -

  1. Click into the eBook to open the description page, (you will need to log in, but this won’t initiate a loan).  Here are the details page of the eBook, there will be an “Email Link” option.

Sending Lists of eBooks

On the Details page of each eBook record in EBL, there is an “Add to Collections” option which will let you set up lists, or collections of eBook records.  Once you’ve created a Collection, you can access it by clicking “My Collections” at the top of the EBL interface.  There will be an “Email Collection option within each of your collections.


Please let us know if you're having difficulty accessing or downloading our eBooks and you don't find your answers on this page.


Can I read the eBooks without having to download Adobe Digital Editions (ADE)? Yes, you can read the eBooks within your browser without downloading them to ADE, but you won't have access to them for offline reading.

Why am I not getting to the login page for the eBooks?:
This is most likely a firewall issue.  Be sure that our IP Range has been cleared with your IT Department and that port 2048 is open.  For further instructions and for our IP Range, please contact our Director of Information Technology, Ellyssa Kroski.

What do I do if I can download eBooks to my computer but not my iPads and other devices?:
If you're connection is timing out when trying to download an eBook to your iPad or other device, but it's working on your computer it may be that your wireless network does not have port 2048 open.  Be sure that port 2048 has been opened by your IT Department not only for your regular network, but for your wireless one as well since that's the port that our EZProxy uses.  For further instructions, please contact our Director of Information Technology, Ellyssa Kroski.

How much can I copy and paste and how much can I print?  And does that renew when I check the book out again?: You can copy and paste 5% of each eBook and print out 20%.  EBL keeps track of how much you've used based on your login ID, it will not renew if you check the book out additional times because those are the copyright agreements that EBL has made with the publishers based on a per user allotment.

Why are my bookmarks and annotations not transferring to my devices?: Unfortunately this is a limitation of Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) - it cannot save or store bookmarks or annotations.  Additionally the Bluefire Reader app is merely a way to use ADE on your devices and therefore cannot save them either.  However! If you read the ebooks in your browser through the EBL interface, all of your notes and bookmarks, etc. will be saved here, even if your loan expires and you check out the book again.

Downloading eBooks to Computers or Laptops

  1. Find the eBook in the catalog and click on the link that says “An electronic book available to NYLI members”.  You will be prompted to log in.
  2. Login using your NYLI username and password.
  3. Your ebook will open. Click on the button that says "Read Online."
  4. Once your book is loaded in the browser, click on the Download tab.
  5. The first time you download an eBook you will have to install Adobe Digital Editions (http://adobe.ly/1xNv) on your computer or laptop.  Run the setup assistant and authorize your computer by setting up an Adobe ID so that you have the option of transferring your eBook to other devices.
  6. Return to your browser and choose the length of the loan you’d like, and click Download Book.
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Downloading to eBooks iPhones, iPads, Android, or Kindle Fire Devices

  1. Open your Safari browser on your device.
  2. Follow steps 1-4 of the “Downloading eBooks to Computers or Laptops” guide.
  3. The first time you download an eBook you will have to install the Bluefire Reader app on your device.  Click on the link to download and install it.
  4. Return to your Safari browser.  Choose the length of the loan you’d like, and click “Download Book”.
  5. You'll be redirected to Bluefire Reader, which will ask you to authorize the download and sign-in to Adobe Reader. (This will only happen once, the first time you use it.)
  6. Next you'll be asked to log-in with an Adobe ID. If you don't have one, you have the opportunity to create one.
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Downloading eBooks to Nooks

  1. Follow all 6 steps of the “Downloading eBooks to Computers or Laptops” guide.
  2. Once you’ve downloaded your eBook, choose to open it with Adobe Digital Editions.
  3. Adobe Digital Editions will download & authorize the eBook.
  4. Connect your Nook device to your computer with the cable.
  5. You will see your Nook device appear under “Bookshelves” on the left pane.
  6. Drag and drop your eBooks to your Nook device.
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Downloading eBooks to other devices

If you have another device which was not covered here,  you can view the compatibility list for mobile devices and apps compatible with Adobe Digital Editions.  The NYLI ebooks library is powered by EBL (The Ebook Library).  Downloading EBL eBooks requires the installation of either Adobe Digital Editions on your computer or laptop or a free Apple or Android Store app such as Bluefire Reader on devices.

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